Children learn by watching how adults handle issues of their life. They must interact with people outside to mature emotionally and socially. Moreover, they interact with close relatives, neighbors, people at the child care sites, friends at school, and any other activity they are in. 


   We balance nurturing care, with the fundamentals of learning in a comfortable environment designed to foster infant development. This happens through individualized care and attention to your baby's on-demand schedule. You can count on us to attend to your infant's every need and listen carefully to you 

Learning Placee

  Kids will also be inducted to the physical world through the introduction of science, logic and reasoning. Vocabulary is one of the main highlights of our preschool program.

  The world serves as one big classroom for toddlers. They love to master new concepts, so it's the perfect time to lay the foundation for future skills like reading and counting, fun to learning activities for 2- year-olds that fit into everyday life.


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