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   It's an amazing time in your child's life! Every day brings new change - a smile, a fuss, a smooch, a new tooth. For infants, every interaction is an opportunity to grow. We balance nurturing care, with the fundamentals of learning in a comfortable environment designed to foster infant development. This happens through individualized care and attention to your baby's on-demand schedule. You can count on us to attend to your infant's every need and listen carefully to you - the parent - so that your needs are met as well. Leaving your baby in someone else's care can be an anxious time, trust us to keep you informed and connected each and every day!


  Toddlers are quickly learning so much about the world around them. They are all about speed - learning to sing, talk and run all at once. Children ages 18 months up to three years of age develop faster than almost any other age group, and in their minds, the world is changing by the minute. Our Toddler Program is designed to make the most of every one of their fast-paced milestones. Our curriculum addresses toddlers' rapid growth and development by catering to their readiness cues, with older toddler curriculum focused on preparing for preschool and beyond.

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